California Lpa Agreements

Leveraged sales contracts (LPAs) allow departments to buy directly from suppliers through existing contracts and agreements. The LPAs are available to the State of California, the county, the city, the Special District, education and other government agencies. Kai HollenhorstContracts Specialist (703) GUIDELINES: Agency orders must be emailed to, Faxpert at (703) 871-8505 or by mail at: If you would like more information about our products, if you need a quote or if you do not see what you need to buy, please contact: Smile Business Products is pleased to make available to the State of California a multifunctional copying contract with sharp`s product line. Choose from 30 pages per minute to 75 pages per minute – monochrome or colorful. All LPAs published by the Department of General Services, Supply Division are available through the Cal eCure portal of BUNDESSTAATes California. Each contract has an LPA retail page containing all the information and documents of the contract. For services and accessories, call 800-790-7701 or 855-790-7702. You can also contact us by email or fill out the online form. The State Contracts Index List contains up-to-date contract information for each contract, including links to the Cal eProcure LPA retail page. Software Licensing Program General Services Service Supply Division The Licensing Program (SLP) software was established in January 1994 and is managed by the General Services Department, Purchasing Department. Many software rebates are negotiated with major software vendors, which are then redistributed to the state through SLP contracts with authorized participating resellers. Public and local authorities may use CMAS contracts, unless the contractor expressly states in its CMAS contract offer that the contract is not made available to local authorities.

A local government authority is a city, county, district or other local government authority, including the systems of California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC), K-12 public schools and community colleges authorized to spend public funds. The Licensing Program is a manufacturer-centric contract vehicle that distributes Carahsoft to help purchase software for the state of California. Carahsoft is always looking for new manufacturers and add value resale partners to this vehicle, if there is an interest in pursuing an SLP contract or partner on them, please contact the Licensing Program Bureau software in or Carahsoft at You`ll find prizes, brochures, user guides and information and information and support from your Smile State team on the Smile State website.