Corporate Membership Agreement

If the association`s steering committee decides that an additional budget is required for the administration, an additional fee may be collected by the members. If your membership is terminated, the monthly contribution for the month you have terminated will not be refunded. The effective duration of membership qualifications is counted from the month of membership and is valid for the number of months in which monthly contributions have been paid. (1) Members cannot transfer or grant their membership qualifications. If you want to apply for membership, you must follow the defined application procedures and pay the monthly membership payment based on the type of membership you want to apply for. In the event that a member who has paid several months of dues and whose temporary application for membership has not been maintained within the current membership period, has reimbursed members` dues for the months that have not yet expired. A tax is deducted from the refund. Membership qualifications begin after the end of the procedure and after notification from the association that your contributions have been received. There are members who have been deprived of the payment of the monthly membership fee. (5) Special Support Members: companies recognized as special members by the association or companies that participated in the establishment of the Open UM. (5) Members do not pay the required dues within the payment period set by the statutes.

Members are entitled to the benefits that the association provides under the current membership conditions. The association can amend these agreements without notice of the members only if the board of directors deems it objective and appropriate. This agreement contains points relating to members defined in the statutes of the International Association of Universal Menus (`The Association`). This agreement enters into force on October 1, 2011. If a member loses membership qualifications under the provisions of the previous article, he loses all his rights as a member of the association. After the loss of membership qualification, the use of intellectual property rights held by the association, including the universal menu and other similar acts, is prohibited. [Members of Pricate Institution and Corporation] must be private equity firms and have joined the association after reaching an agreement with the objectives of the association. There are 5 types of affiliation: members may be excluded from affiliation for the following reasons: Article 5 Temporarily excluded from affiliation (1) The first type of affiliation: companies with an initial capital of more than 1 billion yen.

Individual members who wish to temporarily renounce membership due to transfer, medical treatment or other reasons may do so by applying established temporary termination procedures. During the termination period of membership, affiliate services provided by the association are not available. (6) The association`s consensus on the withdrawal of membership.