Research Service Agreements

We have provided templates for several model agreements for sponsored projects that require advice from Sponsored Projects Officers when used: a funding mechanism that can be used by federal authorities when a program requires more agency involvement and restrictions than a grant, but requires less agency oversight than a contract. The main purpose of the relationship is the transfer of money, property, services or something of value to the university to achieve a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by federal law. This type of contract is usually submitted to the OMB Uniform Guidance, if the sponsor is a federal agency. For more information on setting up a service contract, please contact a member of the OSR Grants and Agreements team. Many industrial-university research relationships are for collaborative research. Some relationships may seem more commercial to the industry. All UC`s work must somehow transmit our mission of teaching, research and public service. The contract used by UC for certain types of business relationships is called a “service agreement” and contains certain conditions to correct mission-related differences in this industry-university relationship. You should also expect the terms of the contract to cover the dates of the services, the connection or the product you must receive, with detailed specifications, the agreed terms of payment and cost, termination, waiver of guarantees and liability, compensation, termination addresses and communication methods, as well as contact points for both parties. This type of contract provides for a total payment or lump sum payment for the performance of certain tasks or the provision of a certain number of products or services. Fixed-price contracts should only be used if the cost of quantity and/or delivery is simple and easy to define.

This type of contract carries a greater risk to the university and TO IP, as the provision of the product or service is still necessary even if additional costs exceed the contractual amount. The Office of Innovation and Partnerships (IPO) can assist in the legal review of service contracts and serve as a source of information for the U-T community. Service contracts and related documents may be submitted for verification in accordance with the procedure described below. Master`s agreements are concluded with industrial research partners and federal and/or federal public agencies, which often enter into contracts with the university.