Sophos Reseller Agreement

“computer,” the use of the licensed product, including non-persistent deployments using web agent technology, z.B. ActiveX: (i) on or on the call of an email server, your computers that may receive emails from that server; (ii) on an Internet proxy or other gateway device, your computers capable of connecting to that proxy; (iii) on a database, your computers that can retrieve data from that database; (iv) digitize data, computers, workstations or any other electronic device capable of recovering this data by other means; (v) on a virtual machine on which an operating system operates, any virtual machine operating at the same time and (vi) on a computer other than a server, your computer, “documentation” any documentation provided by Sophos (whether electronic or printed) that is attached to the products granted. `End user license agreement` means this end-user license agreement for Sophos and the calendar. “expiration date,” the date that can be set in the calendar. “tax,” the licence fee for the products granted and the assistance fee (if any). “licence term,” the licensed clause covered in point 3.2 of the end-user license agreement. “Conceded Products” refers to all programs (as the context allows) of the programs listed in the schedule, as well as documentation and one of the updates and updates of these programs. “Cost for the products granted” refers to the amounts you pay for a license license. “Maintenance” refers to group updates and/or updates (if for the product conceded) and standard technical assistance or advanced technical assistance if you have paid a support fee. `Media` refers to objects on which data can be stored, including, but not exclusively, CD-ROMs, tapes and floppy disks, or any other medium containing the software provided by Sophos.

“Product” means media and software. “schedule” refers to the calendar made available to you by Sophos, which contains certain information about the use of products granted from time to time and is part of this end-user licensing agreement. “server,” a computer on which the licensed product is installed AND from which other computers are received or recovered. PROVIDED data that a computer is not a server on which it is a single computer from which other computers receive or retrieve data and that this data is generated exclusively by the authorized product. “Server License” refers to the maximum number of servers (if available) allowed according to the schedule to run the licensed product at any time.