Visual Studio End User License Agreement

Unless otherwise agreed, you cannot transfer, sublicensed, transfer or disclose any other software to third parties. Unless otherwise agreed in the agreement, you cannot reverse, disassemble, recast the source code of the software or try in any way to deduce the source code of the software from the parts of the software`s object code. Unless expressly stated in this Agreement, no license or right is granted to you directly or by implication, inducement, Estoppel or by any other means. NVIDIA has the right to view your relevant documents or have them verified by an independent auditor to verify your compliance with the terms of this Agreement. SECTION 2 – JAMS. If applicable, any exchange of confidential information (as defined in the NDA) is conducted in accordance with the terms of a separate confidentiality agreement (“NDA”) between and between NVIDIA and you. For clarity, you accept that (a) the software; and (b) your use of the software/participation in the draft software is considered confidential information from NVIDIA. The floating license requires a continuous Internet connection to the Arction license server, unless otherwise agreed. PARENIFICATION Protection for the Licensee In the case of the “original-downloaded” software provided by Arction and then licensed to the licensee, Arction is subject to arction and is held liable for the infringement of the intellectual property of third parties, Arction immediately becomes at its discretion and at its own expense: To the extent that there is a contradiction between the licensing conditions for open source components and the present LJUE, the terms of these licenses apply rather than the terms of these licenses. To the extent that the licensing conditions for open source components prohibit any restrictions on such an open source component, these restrictions do not apply to these open source components. To the extent that licensing conditions for open source components require the licensee: Submit an offer for the supply of source code related to the product, such an offer is made herein and you can exercise it in This end-user license agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between you (either as an individual or on behalf of an entity) and GitHub, Inc. with respect to your use of GitHub® extension for Visual Studio and associated documentation (the “software”).